Poke FPV Drone Review

Modern drones are valued for their quality, compact design, and versatility. One of the quality drones that smoothly combines these three attributes is the Poke FPV drone. PoKeFPV is a compact, lightweight, portable and versatile. Its name is a wordplay of pocket (which is colloquialized to PoKe) and FPV (which stands for First Person View). It is a ready-to-fly (RTF) drone that allows you to your indoor space into a fun-filled racing course.


The Poke FPV RTF is a brushed and compact durable quadcopter designed to be used for indoor racing. It is built as a low maintenance drone, and its cost of operation is also fairly cheap. In fact, it is designed to be flown without the operator using dedicated FPV goggles. Even so, it still offers lots of fun at a relatively low cost; and its flight performance can be rated as superb as the drone combines aerial stability with seamless flight control when flying.

Even though it is shipped as an RTF quad, there are additional optional accessories that you can attach to it in order to achieve an expanded set of full-scale functionalities that enables the drone to deliver unmatched memorable flight experience.


The Poke FPV drone features a glossy finish, and the entire quad is black in color with the exception of two rotary blades which are red in color.

The length and width of this drone are equal, and they both measures 83mm; while its height is approximately 28mm. The wheelbase of the quad measures 100mm. It is powered by a 3.7 volts, 200mAh battery.

The state of assembly is universally rated as Almost Ready. The remote control gives the operator the ability to fly the drone in different orientations inside any indoor space. The maximum remote distance that it can be flown without losing connection with the remote control is approximately 10 meters.

The total weight when fully assembled is 3.88 ounces, while its flying weight is 0.88 ounces, which testifies to the forte of its aerial thrust capabilities. Its shipping weight is about 4.8 ounces.

It has an FPV camera that is capable of capturing high-definition (HD) videos, as well as take quality HD photos.

The most unique feature of the Poke FPV drone is its headless function which allows it to fly in any direction, as well as allow the user to easily understand how to operate it.

Its integrated radio system features an optional radio-frequency (RF) module, which enables you to operate the quad-copter using your RC-capable radio. Your RC (remote control) radio can give you better control of the drone than the remote control device, or you can use it when the remote control device is not available or cannot be used.

For a more advanced flying experience, you can get the Poke FPV OTG module video receiver which enables you to link the drone with your tablet or smartphone, and then use them to enjoy your flight experience. This allows users to still use this drone, without the need for dedicated goggles. Its HD camera allows the controller to enjoy a first-person-view (FPV) video stream of the surrounding, as well as capture quality photos and record videos.

It also supports Android phones, iOS devices, and Windows-based computers. Its cell holder serves to securely hold your phone during in-flight journeys. It also features a built-in positioning system which allows it to locate its remote control device.

It is powered by an electric battery which supplies power to electric motors embedded in the drone. Propellers are attached to each of the four motors and once powered, these 58000 RPM motors turn the propellers, and thus an upward thrust is created which lifts the quadcopter from the ground into the air ready for its aerial flight.

The drone is shipped as a package which also contains the following items:

  • Four Blades.
  • Battery for the quadropter.
  • User manual.
  • Remote control, but it comes without its battery, and you have to purchase it separately.
  • USB cable.

The Poke FPV drone has a symmetrical structure and a headless mode for proper orientation during flight. Generally, the nose direction of flying multi-rotors determine their forward direction. However, in some multi-rotors which have a symmetrical structure, the forward direction needs to be indicated by either read props or special LED lights. Still, as the remotely controlled multi-copter flies further away from the controller, the less the controller can know which forward direction of the drone has assumed. Sometimes when the controller instructs the drone, via the remote control, to push forward, the drone ends up flying in a direction that the controller does not want. In PokeFPV, this issue is addressed by the headless mode.

The headless mode (also called head-free or care-free modes) uses an on-board flight computer to align the direction of flight of the drone to always relative to the position of the controller. Therefore, if you want the drone to fly straight ahead, turn to the right or left, or to fly back to you; the headless mode allows you to do so without need to know the forward direction of your drone.


The PoKe FPV drone is an agile, compact, and affordable RTF quadcopter that is well-designed and well-suited for indoor racing. Its mechanics and mode of operation control, including the headless mode and remote control, allows it to operate as a Mini RC copter that can capture videos or take HD photos through its camera. If you need an affordable RTF drone for indoor racing or simply for drone fun, then this quadcopter is exactly what you need.